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and Testimonials About American Mega Laundromat's Wide Range of Laundry Services.


“I've used American Mega Laundromat’s Wash and Fold Service here several times and I think they do a great job on your clothes.  Everything always comes back very neatly folded and usually within 24 hours.  They have very convenient hours as I find myself normally dropping off clothes at like 7 or 8 on a Sunday night.   All in all, I think they provide a great service and I will continue to use them.  As a working mom having clean and fresh laundry and not having to spend hours doing it is invaluable.”


Kia A. Washington, DC


"I have used this service twice - when my washer/dryer was not working. I called AML the day I needed my laundry done and they offered same day laundering service or next day. They pick the laundry up when they say they are going to and drop it off just the same. What I love most about getting my laundry back nice and folded is that I could also order the clothes to be cleaned without using any fragrance. Overall, my experience with AML has been exceptional."

Christina G. Washington, DC

"American Mega Laundromat offers great service at affordable prices. I have been with them for going on 4 or 5 months now, and as a person that uses a wheelchair they are very helpful when it comes to picking up and dropping off my laundry at a time that is convenient for me. I have tried another laundry service in the DC metro area (capitol hill laundry) and they were late with my clothing, and their policy is if you aren’t home then they charge you 25 dollars, well when I was at home and they wasn’t their I didn’t get a refund or discount to my laundry service. American Mega Laundromat washes and folds your clothes and when they drop them off all you have to do is place them in a draw or on a hanger, the perfect service at a affordable price!!!

Great service, at a great price, done all in a timely fashion! I have never had issues with American Mega Laundromat, when it comes to picking up my clothes, washing and folding my clothes, and dropping it off. They have come to my house as late as 10:30pm at night, and dropped my clothes off at 8am the next day. I have never had to wait for my laundry, and they are always professional when it comes to dealing with their clients. I highly recommend them to all, especially seniors and people that are physically challenged, or just people that don't have the time to wash their own clothes. I have been using them for about 5 months and they have always been great to me. The first time I used them, I sent 4 30 gallon trash bags and my bill was under a 100 bucks, and that was including clothes, towels, and maybe 2 converts that I sent. You can't beat that, and you don’t have to provide them with laundry detergent to wash your clothes, that is the best thing in my eyes."

Bernie W.  Hyattsville, MD

"American Mega Laundromat has done a phenomenal job servicing our church.  I highly recommend American Mega Laundromat for your commercial or personnel laundry needs.  Pick up and drop off is efficient and courteous.  Your linens are returned to you beautifully folded and freshly scented."

Kristine H.  Upper Marlboro, MD

"Great Little company tucked away in the burbs-  The owner takes care of your linens like no one I know in the laundry business-  they pick-up, clean, iron, put on hangers & deliver back to us at record speed & VERY good prices-  Give these guys a try-  they are well worth your consideration."

Philippe D.  Washington, DC

"Awesome Service! Quick efficient what else can I say? I drop it off at 6amj and they call for me to pick it up by 10am, all folded smelling great! Price can’t be beat! Service cant be beat! You can’t go wrong by trying them out!"

Franciscan M. Washington, DC

"My boyfriend and I use American Mega Laundromat's home pickup and delivery service on a regular basis, and it's a godsend.  They are quick to arrange pickup, usually the day after we ask for it.  We've given them our clothing in everything from Tupperware bins to garbage bags, and it's never been a problem.  Any (non-garbage bag) container comes back to us filled with neatly folded, clean clothing, which is packed in large plastic bags to keep it in place.  The same gentleman picks up and delivers our clothing, and he is very friendly and helpful.  

Because my boyfriend and I are often busy, and because I have some physical issues, dropping the laundry off ourselves can be difficult, so we usually don't do so.  After all, their pick up service is excellent, and quick to schedule.  However, on the occasions that we've done so the facility has impressed me as clean and well managed, with a capable staff and good equipment.  

I would highly recommend American Mega Laundromat to anyone in the area.  They're everything a small business should be."

Abigail H. Hyattsville, MD


"I just started using American Mega Laundromat for my business laundry needs.  I really wanted to find a locally owned and operated business to handle the laundry. Mr. Abediyeh is fantastic!  He picks up and delivers the laundry with a 24-hour turnaround and he is so pleasant and easy to deal with.  I am delighted with the quality of the work.  The laundry is so nice and fresh and perfectly folded.  I wish I could use them for my home laundry too!!  I highly recommend them."

Elizabeth F. Hyattsville, MD

"Great! I come here all the way from U St NW. It's clean and they have someone constantly making sure the folding tables, machines and floors stay that way. On the occasions that been there the staff were all friendly."

N.M. Washington, DC

"Unbeatable customer service! Seyid picked up and delivered my laundry at a time that was convenient to me, and he is one of the nicest people I have ever met! And I just cannot say enough about the quality work the professionals at Mega Laundromat did!! Our clothes came back clean, soft , and beautifully folded. My husband could not believe how amazing his white undershirts looked. They went from being stained and on the verge of being trashed to looking practically brand new!! Everyone at Mega Laundromat deserves 5 stars!! I will be using their services again!"

Misha J. Brentwood, MD

"After convincing my BF to try a wash and fold service I searched for some places close to his apt and found mega laundry. They are very professional and do an awesome job with the laundry. They are a little more expensive than some places I have used but they pick up and deliver so I can't complain. I have used them before and have no complaints."

Erica D. Washington, DC

"I have tried at least half a dozen Laundromats with wash, dry, and fold services in northern Maryland.  Without a doubt, this is the best one--by a long shot.  I took them 50 pounds of laundry.  They had it done in a few hours.  Due to the weather, and the fact that I now live in Columbia, I was not able to pick it up until the next day.  When I got there, they were cheerful and everything was ready for me.  They even brought the laundry out to my car and helped me load it in.  When I got home, I found that they had done a fantastic job!  My whites were cleaner than even I could get them; the permanent press looked great too!  Their machines look new and very clean.  The price was certainly reasonable--especially since they provide all the cleaning solutions, and they use good products.  You can bet that I intend to keep taking my laundry to them.  This place is a gem and well worth the trip from Columbia!  They also will come and pick up your laundry if you don't have the time to take it to them."

Joanne P. Columbia, MD

"I had a wonderful experience.  I had clothes laundered for a nonprofit organization that ran close to $200, all the bags were neatly folded and ready on time.  The service was great."

Nicola L.  Upper Marlboro, MD

"I live in a condo in DC, they come pick up my laundry/dry cleaning and have always done a professional job.  I have had issue with other services in the past that have lost or damaged clothes.  This has never happened with American Mega Laundromat."

Scott T. Washington, DC

"I have never used a Laundromat service before since I own my own washer & dryer. I contacted American Mega Laundromat after I had major problems getting my washer repaired which took 4 weeks to have it finally fixed. I have a family and it was an extremely stressful time trying to get my clothes washed with the help from a very kind friend at work who let me use her washer as well as trying to hand wash whatever clothes I could do without having a functioning washer. I finally contacted this Laundromat after finding them on the Internet and they were so very kind and professional. I liked the fact that they have client designated washer and dryers and your clothes are not washed with other client's. They picked-up my laundry within the 2 hours after calling them on the same day and delivered them to me in fabulous condition the next day. I was quite impressed with their pick-up service because I do not live close to them and there was no charge for pick-up and delivery. The clothes smelled so clean/fresh and neatly folded. The owner Seyid, Seyid's wife and staff are my laundry angels who relieved my stress and did such a great job! They truly represent how a company should be run and provided the best customer service. I would absolutely recommend this Laundromat to anyone who wants great service and much more."


Marlene B.  Fulton, MD

"American Mega Laundromat ‘s Management runs a Very Good Quality of Business. The staffs that take care of my clothes are wonderful and I have always received all my clothes when they are done thank you."

Fred C. Hyattsville, MD

"AML's wash-and-fold service is fast, convenient, and affordable. Sila and Seyid provide personable customer service and our clothes always come back clean and properly folded. I especially appreciate their same-day service.

AML is just a five-minute drive from Brookland/Catholic University, so it's also a handy option for folks living in NE DC.  Highly recommended!"

Sarah O. Washington, DC

"This place is the best laundry mat I have ever been. Their machines work! The owner and staff are really cool.

The price is a bit high but the overall quality of service and machines are exceptional! This is definitely one of the best Laundry Mats in the area."

Sobuka S. Hyattsville, MD

"American Mega Laundromat’s Pick Up and Delivery Laundry service is awesome.  Their staff is courteous and dependable.  Not having to do laundry is priceless."

Idrissa B. Bowie, MD

"I've been a satisfied AML customer for at least four years.  The facilities are clean and the staff is super friendly and helpful.  The wash-and-fold service rocks!!  I drop off my laundry in the morning and get it back the same day.  It's great.  My clothes come back clean and smelling wonderful and I save a lot of time.  AML even does my giant comforters and quilts with no problem.  I highly recommend American Mega Laundromat."

Tracy M.  Takoma Park, MD

"I don't typically used Laundromats because I have my own washer and dryer, however I have some big items that cannot be washed from home.  I dreaded going to the Laundromat because of past experiences, but when I went to the American Mega Laundromat near the Hyattsville metro, I was very pleased.  Their triple load washers were clean and plentiful, and the atmosphere was very conducive to letting me work.  The people who worked there were very friendly and helpful.  The next time I needed to wash something big, I simply dropped it off and they called me that day to pick it up.  Laundromats no longer need to be stressful.  I highly recommend this place."

Laura D. Mt Rainier, MD

"This Laundromat and its employees have greatly increased my quality of life.  Previously, I had used the drop-off service (with wonderful results).
The next time I contacted American Mega Laundromat was because I needed a LOT of garbage bags of linen and laundry to be picked up from my home, and cleaned.

The majority of the items returned thoroughly dried, with that terrific Gain scent.  Unfortunately, the pillows were slightly damp; even worse, I went out of town for a few weeks WITHOUT opening the bags - a multihued mold collection awaited my return.

I contacted Seyid, the manager, and explained the situation.  Although I offered to pay for half of the reclining, he and his staff did the work for free.  The pillows returned sanitized; long-standing stains disappeared; and they even repaired various rips and tears!

Even though I own a washer and dryer, they are no substitute for what AML provides: clean clothes; efficient, friendly staff; affordable prices;
and most of all - peace of mind."

Karen S. Mt Rainier, MD

"The service and the staff of this Laundromat are amazing.  The facilities are always clean and well maintained.  I generally use their drop off wash and fold service and have never been disappointed."

Melissa C. Takoma Park, MD

"Wow! I always did my own laundry but just moved to Hyattsville and don't have my own machine here. I found AML online, I called them the man gave me lots of details and how to find them. I arrived dropped my stuff off (I thought that it would creep me out a bit that someone else was doing my dirty laundry but they made me feel so welcome and comfortable) and went on may way, A few hours later they called me up and it was ready. It only cost $10 and I had a bag full of clothes washed, dried and lovingly folded! I was so happy! I have been back every week since and would recommend this to anyone! Don't ever do your own laundry again! They even made a small booboo and fixed it so fast I didn't have time to say I was unhappy. I will be there customer as long as I stay in the area!"

C.R. Washington, DC

"We live in NE Washington and we were looking for a wash and fold service when our plumbing issues took a turn for the worse.  AML did a fabulous job on everything we took to them to be laundered, and it was a lot of stuff- clothes, undergarments, and towels.  They were washed and folded to our specs (detergent free of dyes and perfumes, undergarments not dried, etc.), done quickly, and the price cannot be beat.  They will continue to get our business.  Anna is the best!"

Cynthia M. Washington, DC

"I LOVE the wash and fold services.  American Mega Laundromat is GREAT...I love being able to drop my laundry off in the morning on my way to the West Hyattsville subway station and pick up freshly laundered and the best smelling clothing on my way home from the subway station...All I have to do is put my clothes away when I get home. It's a phenomenal feeling and frees me up to do other things than to spend time lugging clothes to the Laundromat, waiting for them to wash and dry and having to fold it all.  Where has wash and fold been all my life!!!  I LOVE IT,. and you can't beat their per pound price. You save money on detergent, water and you also save your precious time.  WHoo  Hoo!!! American Mega Laundromat!!"

Janine H. Southwest Employment Area, DC

"After recently moving to the Brookland area, I came across this Laundromat while searching for a local Laundromat that provided wash-and-fold services. American Mega is fantastic. It's clean, well lit, and has a large parking lot. Moreover, they're conveniently located a block from the West Hyattsville Metro station, a quick 10 min drive from NE DC. The staff is bilingual (English/Spanish) and remembers me by name.

I've done my own laundry here, but I'm a big fan of their wash and fold service. At $1 Per Pound, I think it's the Best Laundry Drop Off  Deal in the area."

Austin G. Washington, DC


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