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American Mega Laundromat

 Serving Roslyn, Virginia


Welcome to American Mega Laundromat; the Best Rated Commercial and Residential Full Service Drop Off Laundry, as well as a Modern Self Service Coin Laundromat, which is open to Residential and Commercial Clients Seven Days a Week from 6:00 am to 10 pm.  American Mega Laundromat also offers Free Door-to-Door Laundry Pick Up and Delivery Service in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia Metropolitan Areas, as well as Campus Laundry Services serving 11 University and College Campuses in our service area in addition to the Professionals and Ordinary Residents of the Capitol Hill Area.

  • Best Rated Commercial And Residential Full Service Laundry  
  • Convenient Wash Dry and Fold Laundry Drop Off Service
  • Convenient Drop Off Time: Seven Days a Week 6 am to10 pm
  • Same Day and 24 Hour Turn Around Time Laundry Service 
  • Self Service Coin Laundry Division: Open to Public 6 am-10 pm
  • Over 100 Different Size Washers and Dryers
  • Free Laundry Pick Up and Delivery to Your Home
  • Free Laundry Pick Up and Delivery to Your Business 
  • Free Laundry Pick Up and Delivery to 11 University and College Campuses
  • Free Door-to-Door Laundry Pick Up and Delivery Service to Senior Citizens in Most Suburban Maryland, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia.
  • Handicapped and Wheelchair Accessible Laundry Facility
  • Green and Eco-Friendly Modern Laundromat Facility 
  • Metro Rail and Public Transit Accessible Laundry
  • Free Ride Available to Customers within 3 Mile Radius
  • Across West Hyattsville Metro Station on The Green Line


Range of Our Services for Roslyn, in Virginia

  • 24-Hour Turn Around Time Laundry Facility Serving Roslyn, Virginia
  • Area Rugs, Carpets and Runners Cleaning and Laundry Serving Roslyn, Virginia

  • Bed Bug Eradication Laundry Services Serving Roslyn, Virginia

  • Campus Laundry Facility Serving Roslyn, Virginia

  • Comforters, Bedspreads, Blankets, Sleeping Bags Cleaning Serving Roslyn, Virginia

  • Commercial Laundry / Laundromat Serving Roslyn, Virginia

  • Diplomatic Corps / Roslyn Laundry Serving Roslyn, Virginia

  • Fire and Flood Restoration Emergency Laundry Serving Roslyn, Virginia

  • Fluff and Fold Laundry Serving Roslyn, Virginia

  • Free Pick up and Delivery Laundry Serving Roslyn, Virginia

  • Full Service, Attendant on Duty and Concierge Laundry Serving Roslyn, Virginia

  • Green, Eco-Friendly, Handicapped Accessible Laundry Serving Roslyn, Virginia

  • Hotel and Motel Laundry Service Serving Roslyn, Virginia

  • Infant, New Born Baby, and Child Laundry Serving Roslyn, Virginia

  • Laundry / Laundromat with Wi Fi Internet Serving Roslyn, Virginia

  • Linens, Sheets, Pillows, Drapes, Curtains Cleaning Laundry Serving Roslyn, Virginia

  • Modern Laundry / Laundromat Near Metro Station Serving Roslyn, Virginia

  • Residential Laundry Serving Roslyn, Virginia

  • Same Day and Overnight Laundry Serving Roslyn, Virginia

  • Self Service Coin Laundry / Coin Laundromat Serving Roslyn, Virginia
  • Stain Removal Laundry Serving Roslyn, Virginia


  • Uniform Cleaning and Military Personnel Laundry Serving Roslyn, Virginia

  • Wash Dry and Fold Drop Off Laundry Serving Roslyn, Virginia



Separate and Dedicated Washers and Dryers Committed to Each Customer during Every Single Wash and Fold Project© ™ 

American Mega Laundromat

Open 7 Days a Week 6:00 am to 12 Midnight

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2781 Hamilton Street, Suite B Hyattsville, MD 20782  Directions 

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