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Discount on Any Large Item Laundry 

Yelp 50% Deal Offer

Now Only $15.95 (Regular Price: $29.95)

50% Offer Coupon Code AMLYelp12312019

Wash and Fold Service for Any of Your Large Laundry Items, which you cannot wash and dry at Home.

Offer Valid Until 12-31-2019

Bring Any of Your Large Laundry Items such as Comforters, Blankets, Bed Spreads, Bed Sheet Sets (Any Size Fitted and Flat Sheets, Two Pillow Cases), Sleeping Bags, Table Cloths, Curtains, Area Rugs Up to 4 X 6 Feet, or any Similar Large Items, which your washer and dryer at home cannot handle, to American Mega Laundromat, Let Our Professionals Do it for You.

 50% Deal Offer Details:

  • Customers Must Drop off Laundry Items at American Mega Laundromat’s Flagship Modern Laundry Facility conveniently located at 2781 Hamilton Street, Suite B in Hyattsville, MD 20782 across the West Hyattsville Metro Station on the Green Line. It is only One Mile North of Washington, DC Border.
  • Customers Must Pick Up Laundry Items from the Same Location when it is done.
  • Coupon cannot be combined with any other Offers.
  • Customers must register online at ( Fill and Submit the Following Form) in order to redeem this offer, using the Voucher Code / Number: AMLYelp123119
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